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Who We Are

Welcome to Shared Smiles by DM LLC,  the source of handcrafted stationary items for practical everyday use. We awaken the clients inner smile and provide a safe haven of rest and hope for the soul with our hand-made craftsmanship. We are here to create smiles through every connection we make. Dawn Michaela, the DM in Shared Smiles by DM is a Houston native surviving Chiari Malformation (CM). Which is a incurable brain disease that consists in herniation of the lower part of the brain, and cerebellum in which brain tissue extends downward into the spinal cord. It creates pressure on the brain therefore causing severe chronic discomfort and other disabling symptoms. Behind every piece in our collections there is the healing form of therapy as Dawn survivors Chiari.  In return, from your support shared smiles are provided to those in the community of chiarians. Smiles in the forms of care packages, fundraising to provide for rehab, group therapy and resources. Our mission is to promote awareness of Chiari Malformation for others with disabilities that have a passion for art and creativity. 




Join us as we 

“Bring Awareness by Sharing a Smile”