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My Thanks


As we close out this week of Thanksgiving, what are your thankful for? When I reflect back over my life, I can not help but list everything I am grateful for. First, I am grateful to be here still and be in my right mind. Most of all I am thankful to God for the many blessing, miracles, and love He has shown so many around me. To witness the goodness of God in my family and friends' lives bring me genuine joy.

The past few years have been some of the darkest years for my family and me. What seemed to be impossible to overcome GOD made POSSIBLE. Every storm we were faced with GOD brought us through, not just out of but no residue from the storm. I am often reminded of a phrase my late father, Evangelist Lionel Keys, would say "All trouble is not bad trouble." I never understood why he would say this, but now my understanding is apparent.

This journey with Chiari was introduced to me as unmeasurable amounts of pain and loss of being whole. I feared to die every day because of this incurable disease and never being able to be part of what I use to be. Being disabled and the need to be cared for was the worst for me and fear haunted me for a long time. After the first two years of this journey, God began to show me something different. He taught me to love the very person I was in that moment, which lead to many other revelations. I learned to be grateful for the abilities I did hold, love my way through this dark tunnel, and to fight with HIM through it all. All the surgeries, therapy, and pain to push through with HIM. Most important God taught me that in sharing my smile He was going to send many Smiles to me, especially when I needed them the most. So as I close out this week of Thankfulness, I can not help but to Thank GOD for his miracle of healing thus far in my life. We all are HIS masterpieces, allow GOD to finish what HE started, HE is not done with you yet.

I am God's Masterpiece, I'm just unfinished!

My Story for His Glory

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