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Thank you Destiny Glover

During the cycle of life, from inception to rest, you will need helping hands. Hands to nurture you, hold you up, and catch you when you fall.

Throughout this journey, I've seen the highs and lows. A faithful reminder, was never to forget that there is power in helping hands. The hands that helped me when I needed nurturing, holding, and catching.

2020 brought some unforeseen circumstances in my health that made me feel both defeated and empowered. One may wonder how? When obscure situations come the initial reaction for some is defeat and the choice on how to react is what empowers the fight.

Bringing me to today, I am so honored and grateful for every helping hand that is in my circle of support.

As healing came I thought I could manage all on my own, then things happened. I had to learn it's ok to ask for help. Well Destiny Glover came in and was the help I definitely needed.

I could no longer operate alone and needed help to maintain the vision given.

For the past month Destiny has been helping me tremendously! This journey has been one I’m learning so much about myself and the power of helping hands.

While I may be teaching Destiny, techniques, and broadening her creativity; she has been pouring powerful gems in this journey.

Destiny is humble, soft-spoken, well mannered, willing to learn, and confident. She has shown me so many ways to grow better.

Week one she brought on a ’Peace be Still’ faithful reminder.

Week two she taught me don't be so hard on yourself.

Week three Destiny gave a calmness to all our technical storms.

Week four she showed how it's ok to ’Erase mistakes’

This journey with Destiny has reminded me of ”The power of helping hands”!

I'm looking forward to sharing with each of you this journey of Shared Smiles by Destiny & Dawn!

Here's a glimpse into our journey.

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@bjmkeys8 Thank you, To God be the Glory for providing me the strength to get through this journey.


Dawn, I thank God for your diligence and His amazing Power at work in your life. Love you

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